Perfect Brows is a specialist boutique salon exclusively for sculpting eyebrows. With over 32 years experience in eyebrows, we are renown as one of Gold Coast’s top brow salons. We also offer feather touch eyebrows (also known as microblading) as one of our most sought after services. We are nationally accredited and have also trained internationally with world-renowned permanent makeup artists. Our team also undertake ongoing training to keep up with the latest trends and are constantly updating our skills.

The natural beauty of the human body and face is about balance and proportion. The same principle of balance and proportion – when applied to the brows, creates Perfect Brows. Perfectly manicured eyebrows open up and frame the eye area and give an instant lift to the whole face – without surgery!

At Perfect Brows, first we want to know what you like about your brows and also what you would like to change about your brows. Then, with the present brow shape, brow bone structure and growth pattern of the brows – we use our experience and skill to create the best brows for you!